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Seller's Guide



Introduction to the Sellers Guide

Declarations by the seller

This is a very important document and really should be completed by every homeowner. Your declarations could protect you from any legal action taken by the purchaser, against possible latent defects. This document also provides the purchaser with the history of your home as well as any information regarding improvements or repairs completed by you on the property.

Cost: Ten minutes to complete

Certificate of location

This is the legal description of the property and shows the footprint of your home on the lot as well as the dimensions of the building, land and everything attached to it.

Do you need to update your certificate of location? Possibly! If, during the period of your ownership, you've added a pool, cabana, fence or a deck, air conditioning/heat pump unit or widened your driveway, you will need to have a surveyor prepare a new certificate of location. These changes are required to be up-dated on the certificate and will demonstrate that the property and those changes conform to municipal by-laws.

Furthermore, it is always a condition of the purchaser's mortgage lender to request a new survey and if there have been on changes made to the property, the cost will be borne by the purchaser.

My suggestion, if you are planning on selling your home in the next few years then get a new survey. The prices for these surveys go up every year.

Cost: $650

Existing Mortgage

The existing mortgage on the property will need to be radiated at the time of signing. Each mortgage (including a mortgage in the form of a collateral line of credit) needs to be radiated and the notarial fees to radiate each mortgage would be:

Cost: $475


Penalty for Cancelling Existing Mortgage

If you are reimbursing your mortgage prior to the renewal date (assuming you do not have an open mortgage meaning you can pay it off at anytime without penalty), you may be charged a penalty for early repayment of your mortgage. The penalty may be either (1) an amount equal to three month's interest or (2) the difference between your existing interest rate and the current re-investment interest rate for the balance of the term, which ever amount is greater.:

Cost: 3 months interest or interest differential between rates


Oil Heating

You will need to fill your oil tank a few days before the signing date and bring a receipt that this was done. The purchaser will then pay you for a full tank of oil at the price indicated on the fill-up receipt. A normal oil tank holds 909 litres.

Paid to you: based on cost per liter


Property Taxes

You prepay property and school taxes and depending on when you vacate your home, the notary will make an adjustment in your favour in an amount equal to the prepaid taxes.

Paid to you: Prepaid city and school taxes



Real estate commissions shall be deducted from the proceeds of the sale and remitted to the real estate broker. The law requires you to pay the GST and QST on the commission owing.


Cost: 5% of sale price


Title Deeds

All the title deeds you have in your possession need to be given to the listing Broker upon receiving an accepted Promise to Purchase.

The law requires that a realtor obtain copies of:

• your deed of sale;
• mortgage deeds and last mortgage statement;
• certificate of location;
• copies of invoices for any improvements you’ve made to your home;
• your municipal and school tax bills, heating and electrical bills;
• contracts for equipment under a lease or lease purchase contracts;

Note: Summer photos of the property (if listing your home during the winter).



Since the buyer will require new financing to purchase the property, the financial lending institution could have a say on what Notary to use. Usually it is the buyers choice unless there are special circumstances with the seller.

Note: The Notary handles most of the items mentioned above.


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"Dear Christine,

After watching you skillfully direct the sale of my home in Beaconsfield this year I can guarantee I will never recommend the services of any other Montreal-area real estate professional.

You were organized, insightful, hard-working and completely reliable. You handled my transaction smoothly and I am grateful to you for the many ways you facilitated my move. From my perspective, it seems as though you know it all, have probably seen it all and in a business not famous for integrity, consistently soar above it all.

Thank you for your outstanding help during a very stressful time."


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"We are writing to you in to express our appreciation and thanks for the service you provided us with the sale of our house and with the purchase of our new home.

Right from the moment we met you we knew that we wanted to work with you: your honest and frank approach, your determination and your professional experience were a clear signal that would build a working relations based on trust. And trust was an essential attribute we were looking for.

...Thank you for being so thoroughly professional. We wouldn't hesitate to call you back in the future or to recommend your services to our friends."


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Christine McDowell represented me in the sale of my house in Beaconsfield.  I found her help invaluable in setting the sale price and subsequently negotiating a very satisfactory sale agreement with the buyers.  Further, my house was sold within four days of its being put on the market.  Christine was a pleasure to work with and was very sensitive to my needs during the whole process.  I would recommend Christine’s services to anyone wishing to sell their house in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.


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We would like to thank you for all your help in selling our house and in buying our new one. We never would have imagined putting in offers on 5 other houses before finding the house that was meant to be ours. We are really happy with our decision and believe it will be a great house and neighborhood to raise our family. We appreciate all your guidance, help, professionalize and patience in helping us buy our new home.