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Getting Ready - Making a good impression



Enhance the curb appeal


Cut and trim the shrubs - Cut the grass or reseed - Weed the garden - Clear away cobwebs - Remove all clutter around the outside of the house - Clean up after the dog - Repaint the front and back door or garage door - Clear the walkway of snow.


Other exterior work needs to be done


Replace broken screens or windows - Repaint or repair the fence - Repaint or repair the deck - Door handles that need to be tightened - Re-point chimney - Roof shingles falling off - Cracks in the foundation - Replace front door mats with new ones that are neutral


How will the purchaser feel when they first walk into your home?

Unpleasant odors


You might have grown accustomed to those odors that will turn off any purchaser. I have been in many houses where the odors where so overwhelming that all we wanted to do was to get out of the house as quickly as possible. Pet odors - Litter box - Spicy food - Stale air - Cigarette smoke


The clutter


Clutter makes every room look smaller and unkempt. Remove or store things you don't need to create a comfortable and inviting feeling. Remember, when in doubt, throw it out, sell it or give it away. The purchaser needs to be able to move freely from one room to another without knocking into things. Are there rooms with too much furniture? Sell or give away the furniture you don't want? The object here is to create more space so get rid of what you don't need or store it.

Remove all clutter from the kitchen counters - Newspapers or magazines piled up in a corner - Clothing stacked up on a chair - Closets packed with clothing - Boots and shoes all over the place.




If your kitchen is in bad shape, do whatever you can so that the room looks clean. Buy an inexpensive area rug and put it on the floor near the sink. Maybe freshen it up with a coat of paint. Get the cupboard doors hanging properly. If you have an eating area make sure the table is clear of all clutter. Repair leaky faucets, repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets.

Clear extra appliances and accessories from the counters. Remove extra dishes from your cupboards and pack them away. Stove, ovens, refrigerator, micro-wave and sink should be spotless and all work space clear

There is not much you can do with a chipped or cracked counter top or with a worn out kitchen floor. Typically if the kitchen is tired and outdated, and the price reflects the condition, then the purchaser might be up to task of renovating.




Do you need to freshen it up with a coat of paint? If your bathroom mat is old and discoloured throw it out. Has the shower curtain seen better years? Is the medicine cabinet over stacked? Remove any stains, mold or damaged caulking around tubs, shower stalls and sinks. Clean and polish glass, mirrors and metal fixtures. Clean and organize your vanities, medicine cabinets, counters and linen closets. Pack and store all extra items. Typically if the bathroom is tired and outdated, and the price reflects the condition, then the purchaser is more open to the task of renovating.


Living room, dining room & bedrooms


Remove newspapers and old magazines from coffee and end tables. Remove and store any old furniture in need of repair and unhealthy plants and organize books on bookshelves. Ensure that drapes and blinds are clean and dust-free. Fill and paint any cracks in ceilings and walls. Is the wall-to-wall carpeting in good shape? Would a good shampoo make a difference? If you have hardwood floors under the carpeting would it make sense to pull it up and expose the hardwood floors?


Children's rooms


Clear children’s play areas, organize and minimize closet items. Store extra toys, clothes and boxes as well as excess furniture you have in bedroom areas.

Closets and cupboards


Show that closet space is ample by keeping them neat and well organized. Untidy or overcrowded closets suggest inadequate storage space. Why not get rid of what you have not worn in years? Give it to the Goodwill? Get a couple of cardboard wardrobe boxes and store your seasonal clothing? Neatly place the boxes in the basement out of the way. Put the shoes and boots you are not using in boxes. When it comes to moving you will have less to pack.


Basement and garage


Clear out ALL the clutter. Get things off the floor and hang them up. What you plan to keep, store in boxes and neatly stack them in a corner. The rest toss out. Brighten a dark, dull basement by painting the walls. Furnace, humidifier, hot water heater and laundry connections should be repaired as needed.

If you are excluding a light fixture, take it down and replace with something else. If there are other items that you are excluding, put them away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Change any bulbs that don't work. During a home visit make sure all the lights are on, including the basement. Put the dog outside. Turn off the TV. Put calming music on. Do not follow the agent around. Sit quietly and let the agent do his or her job!

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14 Aug 2008 | Claudia & Victor
97 Av. Charles
We are writing to you in to express our appreciation and thanks for the service you provided us with the sale of our house and with the purchase of our new home.


27 Jun 2011 | Scott Hindle and Debbie Kane
214 Rue Frontenac
Scott and I would like to thank you for all your help in selling our house and in buying our new one. We never would have imagined putting in offers on 5 other houses before finding the house that was meant to be ours. We are really happy with our decision and believe it will be a great house and neighborhood to raise our family. We appreciate all your guidance, help, professionalize and patience in helping us buy our new home.