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Moving guide



Helpful Tips and Timeline


When it’s time to move your family from one location to another, there are so many things to think of that it’s easy to forget a few. Here is a checklist you can follow to make sure that nothing important is left undone.

30 to 15 days before moving


• Sell or give away anything you won't be moving. Plan a garage sale.
• Make a list of everything to be moved.
• Call various movers for estimates.
• Estimate packing cartons needed and purchase them.
• Gather and store dental, medical and pet's veterinary records. Ask for professional
referral for a new doctor, dentist and veterinarian.
• Pick up change of address moving kit from post office.
• Send out change of address cards, especially to old and new neighbourhood post offices.
• Contact children's school and have transcripts picked up or forwarded to new school.
• Close area charge accounts and arrange for bills to be forwarded.
• Request that your credit bureau file be transferred to the credit bureau in your new city.
• Make travel plans by plotting itinerary.
• Ask your employer to forward all tax forms.
• For tax purposes, keep a record of all moving expenses and keep a record of any items you donate to charity. If you are moving 40 km closer to your new employment, many of your expenses can be deducted from the future income you earn at your new location in Canada.
• Arrange for disconnection of utilities, take meter readings for electricity, natural gas and water (if applicable) and arrange for reconnection at your new location.
• If your car or other possessions are not fully paid for, notify your bank or lending facility if you are moving them out of the province and advise your insurance company.

14 days before moving


Pack one room at a time and label all boxes as to their content and the room in your new house in which they should go.
• Make sure you return items you've borrowed from library and friends. Collect items you've loaned out.
• Resign memberships to clubs.
• Check to see if your large appliances need to be prepared for moving.
• If car is to be towed, arrange for tow bar.
• Arrange the transfer of important documents and fine jewelry.


Day before moving


Prepare a first aid kit for your trip.
• Include your daily medical needs.
• Pick up clothing and items sent out for repairs or cleaning.
• Save your phone book for tying up any loose ends when you get to your new residence.
• Plan your meals for the moving day.

Moving day


Make a final check to guarantee appliances are ready to be moved.
• Give driver directions to new address.
• After van is packed and weighted, determine final moving bill. Make sure you have payment ready before van is unloaded at new address.
• Confirm arrival date and time.
• Pack vacuum last so you can reach it easily to clean new home.
• Sign and save copy of bills of lading.
• Give mover address or telephone number where you can be reached enroute to your new destination.
• Before you leave, check every room, closet and attic one last time.
• Check locks on doors and windows.

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14 Aug 2008 | Claudia & Victor
97 Av. Charles
We are writing to you in to express our appreciation and thanks for the service you provided us with the sale of our house and with the purchase of our new home.


27 Jun 2011 | Scott Hindle and Debbie Kane
214 Rue Frontenac
Scott and I would like to thank you for all your help in selling our house and in buying our new one. We never would have imagined putting in offers on 5 other houses before finding the house that was meant to be ours. We are really happy with our decision and believe it will be a great house and neighborhood to raise our family. We appreciate all your guidance, help, professionalize and patience in helping us buy our new home.