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After a few years of working with Home Builders Christine decided to become serious about selling homes and in 1983 she embarked on the path of a profession as a Realtor. For the next 15 years, Christine’s performance, in the top 5% of sales, showed her true passion for helping others through their life’s biggest real estate transaction.

In 1995 Christine was ready to take her love of helping people through life to the next level. She left her 6-figure real estate income to search for a deeper purpose and meaning. During the next 3 years Christine earned a Doctoral in Clinical Hypnosis and certification as a Practitioner of both NLP and Time Line Therapy™. In 1998, Christine opened a private practice as a Life Skill/Style Coach. During her practice, she helped hundreds of people identify and achieve their goals, overcome stress and began to discover their true identity.

Eight years later, in 2006, Christine felt a new calling to combine her two loves: life coaching + real estate. As Christine well knows, selling a home is very emotional. With her life “know-how”, her clients quickly realize they’ve hired more than a Realtor. Christine’s urge was right – combining her life coaching skills to the real estate industry allows her to create an exceptional experience for her clients who are raving about their incredible service with Christine during the buying and selling process.

Life can be challenging and Christine has figured out how to turn challenges into results that work. This experience and expertise ultimately resulted in the writing of her breakthrough book, “You’re Not Broken - You Need to Harness Your Inner Power”

In 2011, Christine earned the designation of Charter Real Estate Broker. This involved taking five Real Estate courses over a 14-month period, of 350 hours and passing an intensive Provincial Exam.”

If you are looking to create an incredible real estate experience for yourself Christine is ready to help you easily and effortlessly achieve your goals. Contact Christine today at or 514-755-2442.

Christine McDowell - Published Author

You're NOT Broken - You Need To Harness Your Inner Power

Who would have thought that someone who failed every spelling bee in grade school, got D on compositions because she was told she could not write worth a dam, gets a book published. As simply as I speak, is as simply as I write and the book is about how simply you can change your life.



Christine McDowell - Cosmic Coach

Cosmic You - Dancing with your SELF

People who come into your life are not teachers. You do not need to be taught what you already know.

You only need to remember ” Who You Are”  and Reconnect with what you already know!


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